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Manufacturing sector

The Group’s main operating sector is the manufacturing industry.
Our vast experience, which we have developed over years of providing support to businesses, has exposed us to the multiple issues involved in the increasingly complex, hence vulnerable world of manufacturing.
The increased global risk of manufacturing processes which evolve under the relentless pressure of technological developments, the high level of potential pollution often involved in such processes, are some of the elements to be considered when we assess and manage corporate risks.
Thus, streamlining and achieving greater efficiency in risk management requires us to apply our know-how to ever more complex manufacturing issues such as the use of electronic management systems by manufacturing companies and in general all complex and mass production systems involving the risk of errors and deterioration in the quality of products.


Construction and installations

Today, technology has reached such extreme design solutions that it is now possible to erect ever more daring buildings, in tune with the fast pace of life that characterizes cities and factories alike.
Creating new travelling paths and speeding up existing ones without upward and downward constraints, probing the depths of the earth with off-shore installations for the extraction of raw materials, exploring the outer space, with satellites today and with orbital stations tomorrow, are all accomplishments with high technological potential that necessarily entail a certain amount of danger.
Our role is therefore essential for conducting a thorough analysis of the risks associated with such constructions and with the sometimes disastrous natural effects to which they may be exposed.
We provide businesses with our know-how, which we derive from timely supporting, as of the planning stage, the most advanced achievements in the industry, which represent astonishing technical solutions to the increasingly sophisticated needs of our times.



Services providers

Relationships between individuals and businesses have grown exponentially thanks to an increasingly intense brokerage activity carried out by several players engaged in various business sectors.
Consulting services are a case in point; there has been an increased use of such services, especially in the financial sector, where they are provided by banks, financial institutions or professional firms, necessarily linked to a complex set of risks, which insurance brokers can help mitigate.
In design departments just like in hospitals, the activities of service providers must therefore be thoroughly insured, in proportion to the degree of liability assumed with respect to end users.
Thus, a thorough risk assessment by our experts is also essential in the service sector, the boundaries of which are continually shifting to encompass ever new types of support and brokerages services. Our rapidly evolving global economy constantly requires new and more complex types of services and, as a result, insurance perils change and bring about new proposals and coverages.



Environmental sector

All activities we described beforehand with regard to manufacturing, transports and construction can damage the environment in which we live, thereby altering the natural balance which man is called upon to preserve or restore so as to ensure our environmental heritage shall remain intact in the future.
Insurance brokers provide assistance to those who are engaged in the various fields of society development and who are continually required to adapt their work to protect the natural environment, in a constant search for safer processes that ensure economic growth in a protected environment.
Our support to sectors where the use of modern technology is a constant threat to Nature, helps provide the financial resources that companies need to fulfil their plans of environmental cleaning and protection.
We work closely with those who are engaged in such sensitive activities; we study the possible risks and set limits beyond which the business activity is no longer in accordance with the rules of Nature.








In recent years the world of sports has attracted the attention of the relevant authorities - see legislative decree of 20 December 2010 - which requires Sports Associations and Federations to provide insurance coverages to their members against the risk of injury, establishing maximum and minimum liability limits and regulatory conditions that can ensure compensation in case of serious and less serious accidents.
The Sports line is one of the key strengths of B & S italia spa, which can offer a wide range of specific insurance products for the sports and sport preparation sector as well as for the leisure/cultural sector.
B & S italia spa can design insurance programmes tailored to athletes, trainers, sports clubs, federations, organizers of competitions and recreational events, including extended coverages designed to better protect all the various figures involved in the world of sports.
B & S italia spa has set up a claims office dedicated to sports that optimally handles any claim and responds to the numerous questions that we receive daily from members of all our client associations.
The main insurance coverages for the various risk areas in the sports sector are:
- accidents coverage (death and permanent disability)
- coverage of medical expenses due to accidents
- daily allowance for hospitalization and plaster
- coverage for damage caused to third parties (TPL)
- coverage for damage suffered by organizing companies (property)
- coverage for cancellation of an event

Cycling, rugby, horse racing, motorcycle racing and motor sports in general are additional specific areas in which B & S italia spa has significant experience.











The Marine line of B & S italia spa, which includes among its clients some of the most important transport operators in Italy - manufacturing companies - trade companies, has the necessary experience, partly developed through its relations with customers, to address the complex issues related to the safety of goods during handling, storage and transport operations.
We were first in developing and offering a specific product with no deductible to our customers that sell electronic products and appliances and the first also to offer coverage for inventory shrinkage for logistics companies.
B & S italia spa operates in the insurance market through agreements with leading insurance companies "authorized" to conduct business in the transport line, both in the Italian and the international market.
The Marine line has refined its specialization in coverages for goods and liability through over ten years of research activities and has developed insurance solutions that meet the needs of the various industrial sectors and transport professionals such as:
-Freight Forwarders
-Logistics Operators and Depositaries
-Marine agencies
-Transport companies
-Electronic products distributors

Today B & S italia spa can offer:
-a global policy covering the liability of transport operators broken down by risk classes
-analysis of contracts (B/L, HB/L, HAWB etc .) issued by Freight Forwarders and/or transport operators
-an All-risks policy for distributors of electronic products and appliances with no deductible
-a policy that provides logistics companies with coverage against inventory shrinkage
-consulting services and customization of policy standards
-management of complaints through its own Claims Department
-fast quotes for specific risks
-issuance of digitally signed insurance certificates also on site by the custodian.










Professional Liability insurance is a topical insurance issue in Italy.
All intellectual professions, through their professional associations or orders, are increasingly considering group insurance agreements that protect users and indirectly ensure the quality of services.
B & S has taken the lead in this sector, by offering in 1999, on behalf of the National Council of Notaries and through certain underwriters at Lloyd's, the first mandatory Policy Agreement for all Italian notaries (coverages continuously managed for nine years).
B & S also offers an Insurance Agreement for the professional risks of Lawyers and Law firms, Auditors, Certified accountants, labour consultants and members of statutory audit boards.
For executives, directors and officers - including of government agencies - we offer a specific policy with an exclusive set of clauses to cover damage caused by their negligence, errors or omissions.
Furthermore, B & S has more than thirty years of proven experience in the analysis and offer of very complex liability coverages for directors, executives and statutory auditors, both in the traditional Anglo-American D&O version and in the varied and complex customizations that require specific professional skills, not normally available to insurance brokerage firms. B & S skills in this business are unmatched, thanks to its team of professionals dedicated to this area.






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